Stuck in a loop

like your favorite song,

playing over and over and

over again.

Pushing away the ones 

who are close to you,

who you want and 

are scared to lose.

There’s no reason to think

this way but



Scared I mean nothing.

Scared you don’t care.

Too needy,

the loneliness consuming 


This is why I push people away before

they become too attached.

In the end they stay and

get hurt anyway. 

I’m sorry.

I don’t want it to be this way,

but for some reason it hasn’t ever 


Fighting a Battle with Myself 

Fighting a battle with myself.

I have something good, 

regardless of depression or


My life is good,

my mind says no.

Through nightmares each night, 

I attack myself.

Try to convince myself it’s 

bad or 

I don’t deserve it.

Depression and anxiety.

Attack you…

When things are going well.

Is this why people like us 

never have good things? 

What’s wrong with the human brain?

Deep down we tell ourselves 

we don’t deserve