Do What You Love

People think that money is the most important thing in the world. But, look at the people who have close to nothing. Are they happy without having all of the money in the world? Yes, as long as they are happy they don’t care how much money they have; why do we think that money is the most important thing? Oh, for some parents when it comes to their kids won’t even spend a penny. A teenage girl gets into a car crash, but she’s on her own even though everybody knows that she is still learning and makes mistakes. Your son wants to play soccer? The parents may tell him “too bad, it’s over $100.” How can some people be so greedy? Can’t even pay $100 for their kid to do something they love. Some parents make their kids quit sports or other outside activities if they don’t have good grades. I’ll have you know that school is not the most important thing in the world and neither are grades. Being healthy physically, emotionally, and mentally are. If your daughter is struggling to get out of bed and doing her best and only gets a C in a class, don’t take her sports or girl scouts or whatever away. This is because those outside activities are the only things she does to get her feelings out. They’re an outlet and if you take those away, what will be left of her? I can tell you nothing. She will start to fade and turn invisible. She will start feeling more and more worthless every day at her grades will just continue dropping. The key to being happy and succeeding is doing what you love whether or not your grades or your kids’ grades are lower than a B. The people with the more money hate spending it on other people yet the people with less money love being generous and also seem to be more happy. Just do what you love.