The Holidays

The Holidays are almost a joke,

Families getting together, constant shopping.

Trying to find the perfect gift….

Most families don’t spend time together outside of the Holidays.

The Holidays are busy with excitement,

They’ve become a gift giving game however…

Not even the true meaning of taking time

To appreciate the people around you still stands,

At least for most…

And that’s what they truly should be about.


Writer’s Block

The problem with keeping a blog is the times where you get writer’s block. It feels like the things I’ve already said I want to say again, but I can’t. I wish this didn’t happen and that I could be better at writing. I never thought it was possible to get writer’s block for this long with all of the thoughts going through my head. Any suggestions for how to get past the writer’s block? Because I do enjoy blogging and I need to post more often than I do and that’s what I’d really like. I’d love to post once a day, at the very minimum once a week. So any ideas? I’m open to anything.