Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Don’t assume, don’t judge.
Don’t punish someone for something you don’t have proof for.
Innocent until proven guilty,
That’s not just the law,

It makes sense too.
If history shows that the person is good,
Why would you think it’s them that committed the crime?
Innocent until proven guilty,
Follow that rule.




Nothing is ever black and white.
There’s a gray area,
either you don’t know what what decision to make,
or maybe how you feel.
That’s ok.
If thing were black and white there would be no gray in this black and white picture.


People don’t care.
People don’t wanna hear it,
especially when you keep mentioning it.
Pretend you’re ok.
Pretend you’re happy.
Pretend you had a good day.
People won’t listen if you keep complaining,
so pretend you’re ok.

Razor Blades and Shaven Legs

Comfort can be found

in the blade of a knife,

or a razor

for some.

I made a promise I wouldn’t,

but promises can’t be kept even

if you

try your



I’ve let the razor

make my

blood run



On purpose makes me feel guilt,

that stopped long ago.


Accidentals happen.

Those are the best,

you don’t plan it.

Then suddenly,

you feel a sting

as the blood runs


your leg.


Let the water touch

where the razor made its mark,

make it sting.


That’s the best part


shaving legs.

Not My Own

The First Cut

Wasn’t the deepest.

No, not at all.

It was like the others,

a subtle rend of anxious skin,

a gentle pulse of crimson,

just enough to hush the demons shrieking inside my brain.

But this time they wouldn’t

shut up. Just kept on

howling, like Mama,

when she was in a bad way.


Worst thing was, the older

I got, the more I began to see

how much I resembled Mama,

falling in and out of the blue,

then lifting up into the white.

That day I actually

thought about howling.

So I gave myself to the knife,

asked it to bite a little

harder, chew a little deeper.

The hot, scarlet rush

felt so delicious.

I couldn’t stop there.


The blade might have reached

bone, but my little

brother, Bryan,

barged into the bathroom,

found me leaning against

Grandma’s new porcelain

tub, turning its unstained

white pink.

You should

have heard


him scream.”

– From Impulse by Ellen Hopkins (pg. 21-22)