I’m Sick 

Some things

Make me sick to my stomach.

I feel dead inside,

Thinking about the horrible things 

That have happened.

I thought it was better,

The monster showed,

And forever I am 

Scarred by the evil 

That jumped from Hell.

Not everything is perfect,

But did it have to be as bad as it did?

Watch yourself,

Hell might get you too.



The ones who hurt you?

Get over them.

They hurt you.

You deserve better.
The ones who stayed by your side?

Never ignore them.

They are true friends.
The ones who you are meeting?

Take chances, if it feels right.

Nothing will hurt if you’re not already

in too deep.
Believe in yourself.

Be confident.

Find someone who thinks you’re a 


And treats you like one too.

A Kid Bumped into Me

A kid bumped into me in the hallway…

My friend said, “What, not going to apologize when you bumped into that guy?”

 I said, “I didn’t bump into him he bumped into me.”

He replied, “Yeah, but you apologize all the time every day for everything.”

I said, tiredly, “Yeah, but I’m not in the mood to apologize for things I didn’t do.”

He replied, jokingly, “But you’re always in that mood!”

I asked, “Yeah, but isn’t it a good thing I’m not?”

He said, more seriously, “Yeah, but you always are.” 

You may be the type who apologize and feels bad for everything even if you didn’t do it. Like when somebody bumps into you and you don’t bump into them or when your bag isn’t in the way but somebody trips over it anyway. It’s okay to be like that, just remember to think about yourself too sometimes. You deserve it. Try not to apologize for things you didn’t do, it’s okay. You shouldn’t have to.