Families torn apart.

Thanksgivings spent alone.

Not all of them are happy,

Nor together.

Waking up,

Laying in bed,

Want to sleep the day away.

This is how some

View Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving anyway,

Somewhere out there is

Grateful for you.




You can no longer have.

A replacement…

Needing to be found,


Nowhere to be found…


Taking over.


Much needed.

You will,


Find what

You need…

Not My Own

There are people

who are secretly 

wishing for your downfall.
They are patiently waiting,


maybe one day

you will lose it:

your mind and soul.
Beware they are everywhere,

next to you 

and in front of you.
There are even some 

lurking inside of your heart
they call themselves fear.
– Fear is the Illusion by Robert M. Drake

Don’t Be

Don’t be embarrassed of your stretch marks, 

They represent the growth you went through.

Don’t try to hide your scars, 

They show the pain you went through.

Don’t hide that you pick at your fingernails,

They show how nervous you get and that

You can get through the nerves anyway.

Don’t look down when somebody is talking to you.

You’re strong and you have courage,

Look them in the eye instead. 

When somebody compliments you, 

Don’t argue it,

Accept it and

Say thank you.

They wouldn’t have said it 

If they didn’t mean it.

You are




And you’ll continue growing into 

A better person. 

You deserve somebody who accepts you for 

Exactly who you are.

So don’t hide who you are, 

Be proud of who you are.

Show off who you are.