it’s what I’m good at.

I can’t get good grades,

I have to take medication,

I can’t sleep,

I can’t hold a relationship,

I can’t drive,

I don’t have a job.

Leave me be,

I’m just a failure waiting to die.


No Escape

I’m not okay.

I feel like I want to commit suicide.

The one I want hates me,

thinks I’m some evil spawn.

Everything overwhelms me.

I write,

maybe then my feelings would escape me.

They come rushing back in,

there’s no escape.


A Cry for Help

All I do is bring people down.

All I do is push people away.

All I want is to make people happy.

All I want is people around me.

Yet it feels out of my control.

How do people live knowing

all they do is hurt others?

Please, I’m begging for the answer. 

How do people stop hurting others?

All I want is happy people, 

all I do is the opposite.

I need help,

I’m begging for it to go away 

and it won’t.

I need it to go away.