This is How it Goes 

This is how it goes:

One thing upsets me, 

I get mad and react…

possibly without thinking.

Eventually I realize I might be


I then continue to be upset….

for different reasons like

I hate myself,

I’m a horrible person,

I’m not good enough.

Eventually I forget why 

I was crying in the first place and 

I try to tell myself to stop

and it won’t.

I hate depression.

I have no reason to be upset right now.

I feel like I’m absolutely insane and 

why would anyone put themselves around that?

I’m sorry,

I’m sorry,

I’m sorry.

I hate putting people through pain.



It’s a black and white kinda day,

just like this storm that we can’t escape from.

The wind blows, 

the clouds rumble,

the rain washes everything away.

Even on these stormy days I think

this world is so beautiful,

why do we abuse it?

Leave it be,

let it heal.

How some of us feel inside,



a rush of emotions.

Let us heal,

just like this beautiful world

around us.