Not My Own

I have been in love before-

snared by emotion so intense, 

deception by omission was easy.

But lies smother love. And in the wake

of my confession came a white-hot


of anger. I deserved every hateful 

word. Lying here, inhaling new love,

hope swells inside me. Skin against 

skin, I lose myself within the sharp


of passion, freed by embracing

the truth I cannot change.

I find slender rays of fear 

in his eyes, yet he places his trust

in me and I will not


that. I blanket his body with mine.

Tattoo him with pleasure.

Lead him to the edge of the cliff,

push him over, feel him fly,

wings beating softly in the promise of

                                                                      this night.

– Fireworks by Ellen Hopkins from Tilt 


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