There’s No Such Thing As “Perfect”

I learned this the hard way, but there’s no such thing as “perfect.” “Why,” you might ask. Well, in the real world nothing is perfect. For example, you can’t draw a perfect circle, it’s not possible. Only fake things are perfect. Things that are fake don’t belong in the real world.

Have you ever heard somebody say, “that person is fake?” Well a fake person is somebody who is pretending to be somebody they’re not or trying to act in a certain way to please somebody else. In other words, they’re not being themselves. Real people, real people are people that act exactly how they want; they act themselves. Only fake people are perfect. They are the ones who put on show.

“Perfect” is just a term made up by society to make us believe that we can have everything we want, that everything can go our way.

However, in the real world, that is not the case.


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