A Bit About Myself

The reason I decided to make this blog is because whenever I wanted to write something I’d make an Instagram post with a cool picture with the thought I wanted to share. I was asked why I don’t keep a journal, my reply was something like, “I tried to keep a journal and it never really worked out. I think when I feel like writing I make a post because I want to share my thoughts with people,” so here I am. I never pictured myself to be a blogger, but I guess you find new things out about yourself every day.

I’m 16 years old and I take joy from the simple things in life. I believe that simple is better… why go out to breakfast every morning with your family when you can stay home in your pajamas and enjoy the comfort of home? I’d take that over going out any day. I enjoy time with family friends, and the outdoors. I’ve recently taken an interest in cooking and baking with others. Volleyball is my favorite sport. Hikes or making fires are just two of my many favorite things to do in the summer time. I love reading as well and traveling (although I haven’t gone very far yet). When I’m older I want to be an engineer and travel the world with someone that’s closest to me. These are a few things about me and I hope to share more about myself and personality through my posts.

Here is part of one of my posts to give you an introduction into what I’ll blog about:

“Every once in a while you have to do what’s best for yourself. Stop and look at yourself, your friends, significant other, maybe even your family… ask if you interact with these people for yourself or for them. Ask yourself if they want what’s best for yourself or for themselves. Sometimes you have to be ‘selfish’ and do what’s best for you instead of the people around you. Cut out the assholes from your life. Cut out the people who just bring negativity into your life.”

I look forward to sharing more of my thoughts and thank you for reading! (:


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